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Meet The Band:

Suzie McCullough – Vocals

Suzie's love for great music comes through in her voice, and she’s fronted bands for many years.  She’s been singing since she could speak and her energy peaks when surrounded by a great audience.  Suzie is inspired by her many favorite singers and bands of all styles & genres like Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, Linda Ronstadt, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, Chaka Khan, Prince, No Doubt, and many others, but especially her Dad; who is her personal tribute.  Suzie’s taste runs the gamut and she loves "a little bit of everything.”  She sings it all and encourages the crowd to share her enthusiasm.  She relates to the “feel” of songs and the emotions they invoke.  Music has always been a major part of her life growing up, especially with her Dad as her favorite rock star!  From rocker chic, to hippie chic, to balladeer – Suzie becomes the song.


Chuck “The Hitman Herbert” – Drums, Percussion

Chuck grew up on music and at the age of 3, his parents bought him his first record, Sonny & Cher’s ''The beat goes on'' ( How Ironic?).  Then he received The Carpenters’ album ‘”Close To You.” “My Dad would bring home 45's from bar jukeboxes; everything from country to pop. I started beating on pots and pans as a baby. I got toy drums from my grandmother, then a Royce snare drum from my Aunt at the age of 9. My first experience with Rock music, was by KISS. I heard Peter Criss perform his drum solo on KISS ALIVE '' 100,000 YEARS'' and knew I wanted to play drums. I then discovered Neil Peart and RUSH and it was all over. Neil made me want to be the best drummer I could be, and RUSH are my all-time favorite band and Neil Peart my main drumming influence. My other drumming influences include Jeff Porcaro, Steve Smith, Stewart Copeland, John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Terry Bozzio, Keith Moon, Carl Palmer and Myles Evans, who was my drum teacher and is a close friend. I have been playing drums for 35 years.”


Jim Matteo– Guitars & Vocals

Jimmy has been playing guitar in bands in the Baltimore / Washington area for more than 25 years. His versatility has been seen in a number of groups and different styles of music, including rock, blues, metal and even classical.  Jays main musical influences include Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Randy Rhodes, Dickey Betts, and Jimi Hendrix.  Jim mainly plays Gibson guitars through Carvin all tube amplification.  Jim is so accurate on his guitar skills, and his solos are pretty awesome!

Ken Miller – Keys & Vocals
Ken has been playing professionally in the mid-atlantic area for over four decades.  As a composition and voice major at Baltimore County Community College & Towson University.  Ken honed his skills early on as a powerful voice in the area.  During his career, Ken has worked with National touring acts such at The Four Tops and played on local television shows such as the “Kirby Scott Show.”  Ken went on to hone his keyboard skills as a studio musician at the famous Gunn Studios.  He has performed at Local clubs, wedding, private parties, and piano bars for over 40 years with groups such as The Coachmen, The Startones, Turn Blue, Used Parts, Eclipse, Sterling Rust, Bobby and The Believers, and JukeBox Live. Ken utilizes various keyboards from Roland, Korg, and Alesis  in his performances.   

tony c.jpg

Tony Cesanaro – Bass & Vocals

Tony has been playing the local Maryland Band circuit for many years.  He’s always been a popular, sought-after bass player, and is known for his amazing energy and passion for performing.  He was featured in the Apaloosa band for many years.  Tony does way more than just keep the bottom end of the rhythm going; he adds those sweet accents and funk flecks that keep you movin’ – plus the cherry on top is the added harmonies & vocals! 

You’ve got to see and hear him live on stage!  Tony also adds another yet level of excitement to the band, keeping SPELLBOUND fresh in everyone’s mind well after the show. 

GeorgeSoung 28 19.jpg

George "The G Man" Griffith - Sound & Light Tech

George "The G Man," our George "of the Jungle" is SPELLBOUND's Sound & Light Engineer.  George has performed in bands for many years.  He was basically a Rock God in his prime band days belting out everything from Krokus to the Might Zep.  Now, he handles all the gear, boards, Sound and Lighting.  He handles the sound and light effects that create the Look, Sound, & that is The Magic of SPELLBOUND!  Suzie also refers to "G" as the "Magic Man," for this very reason.  He is also known to hit the mic for a song or two for fun; and even plays tambourines, maracas or klaves adding some

cool percussion.  

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